IMW- Howling (Korean Movie)

This movie really blew me away….. I looked it up…and it looked good and interesting, I decided to watch it….

Howling shows the viewers what and how reality is…..the exact picture…. how women are been treated poorly, even though we say we are in a civilised and developed world….The issues causing chaos — drugs, sex trafficking, prostitution and all….. What happens when you overstep your boundaries when talking to your boss…. Family issues.

I love animals, as in dogs, cats and the rest…..but keeping them as pets isn’t a tempting offer ….but I couldn’t stop the tears…. We have the story of the wolf (wolfdog), how it was trained…..

Howling is all about making use of the system and thinking out of the box to get what you want…..well that’s what was done in Howling….

It’s WORTH the watch…. I’m not good at re-watching movies and all, that’s why it’s a 7…

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