T – Taiwanese dramas

          I’m in the middle of watching a Taiwanese drama titled Romantic Princess (when I’m done, I would try to write a review on it). Before I started watching RP, most reviews and comments on RP weren’t encouraging at all, because of all the negative comments and reviews it took me ages before making my decision. Anyway, I took a gamble and placed my trust on the few positive comments I’ve read, so far so good, it’s really interesting and funny.

         Okay, where I’m I heading to; for those that watch Taiwanese dramas, they are already accustomed to the over-acting, unnecessary special effects and some really overbearing emotions and situations – At times, I wonder if I’m watching an anime in human form instead of animations. But in between all these, the dramas can really be interesting and sensible. Well, SOME and not all of them. Another thing with TW-dramas is, they tend to drag at the beginning, but if one endures till the 5th or 6th ep, all of a sudden the drama hits it’s climax and one is hooked ~ that’s from experience~

         Some peeps I know don’t even bother watching TW-dramas, they feel they lack plots and are unrealistic, which can be true in some cases, but not true in other cases. I can’t say I’ve watched a lot of TW-dramas myself, but the ones I’ve watched are one of the best — I’m 100% sure about that. 

        The first TW- drama I watched was Fated To Love You. I wanted to try something neither Japanese nor Korean and FTLY crossed my part or was it the other way round?? Anyway, I came across FTLY, the reviews, comments and stats were okay, so, I gave it a shot. After the first 5 ep, I was like WTH!!! Why is this drama super draggy, I had to place it hold, I could have dropped it, but I don’t like dropping dramas (don’t get me wrong – once a drama isn’t really worth, there’s no way I did continue with it). After some weeks (months would be better), I went back to it, I wanted to give it another try…. And after the the 7th ep, there was a huge different, I was really hooked to it. FTLY is a really good drama, but TW-dramas knows how to try ones patience.

       If you’re interested in watching a TW-drama or the ones you’ve seen are nothing to write home about, you could give the following a shot:

    Fated to Love You — 10/10

    Down With Love —- 10/10

    In Time With You —- 9/10

There are some TW-dramas that stars Korean actors – My Lucky Star and Fondant Garden. I’ve started watching them both, but I’m not yet done. 

   If there’s any other thing, I won’t fail to point it out……

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