IMW – Romantic Princess

Trailer —>                                        

Once again, I couldn’t find any trailer for Romantic Princess….. I guess we will have to make do with stills from RP. 

I downloaded RP some weeks ago, after that I decided to watch it. I wrote a little about RP on Taiwanese dramas. I’ve read the synopsis over and over again, I’ve practically lost count. 

Synopsis —-
      Adopted by middle classed parents, Xiao Mai has always had a dream to be an heiress. Who knew that one day this dream would come true. Xiao Mai’s biological grandfather is the head of a prestigous aristocratic family and after many years of searching, he finally finds his long lost granddaughter. As she starts her life as an heiress, everyday is filled with excitement, however, everything seems a bit different from what she had imagined them to be. —- Mydramalist—-


       So unto the review. I finally finished watching RP this evening. Plus, it’s best I write the review now…. if not it will take weeks.


      The acting is nothing spectacular, is simply cute and funny. The strong point of RP is the romance. The romance is really cute, that you would wish to have such a romance —- I’m still a little dreamy about the romance between Angela Chang and Wu Zhun. Some characters were well developed.


      The OSTs were great also… After I finish writing this review, I’m off to download the OSTs. It’s worth it. The only issue I have with RP is the ending, the ending wasn’t satisfactory enough, some few mins should have done the trick. 


       In other words, it’s a drama coupled with comedy, comical acting and romance and you will surely have a good laugh, that I’m 100% sure of.



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