IMW – Switch Girl

Trailer—->  Just great!!! I went searching for the teaser online…. Guess what I found ”the uploader has not made this video available in your country”…..seriously!!! Hmmm…..but not to worry there should be some pictures 🙂Before I write the review….. Just a brief story about SG—– SG was originally a manga, and it sold so well…. therefore getting it’s way on to the big screen.. 🙂


I was supposed to have written a review about these yesterday, but I was in my laziness and procrastination mode…… thereby operation review Switch Girl failed.

I completed Switch Girl 2 days ago and it wasn’t disappointing at all. When I first read the synopsis, I was already interested in it and then the no of episodes to be aired was 9. A friend of mine watching SG told me, there were only 8 eps and that got me a little confused….. From then on, I wasn’t sure if SG was worth watching. Plus, I’m really particular about the ending of dramas.

That aside, the story itself, is really funny, a high school girl, who has an on/off switch mode. One minute she is prim and proper; in another minute she’s a ball of mess…. In between all these personality changes all of stuffs happen, that will really make you laugh till you drop — I actually laughed till I dropped hehehe.

As for the music, it’s okay, but there’s this particular that was sung towards the end. THAT one was the real deal.

Generally, SG is worth watching.

Pics —


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