IMW – Jam Leuy Ruk

   I just completed Jam Leuy Ruk….. and I really liked it….. but there were some loopholes :(. Generally, it’s a good Lakorn (a Thai-drama). 

Firstly, take a peek at the trailer —-

Actually, there are up to 3 teasers for this Lakorn……

Title: Jam Leuy Ruk (จำเลยรัก, Jam Loey Rak, Jam Luy Rak, Jum Lei Ruk, Jum Lerei Ruk, Chamloey Rak)
Also known as: Defendant of Love, Prisoner of Love, Khmer titles: Nek Toas Sneayha, Chleuy Sneayha
Duration: Episodes 1 to 14
Genre: Revenge/Romance/Drama
Popularity: Top Rated
Broadcast network: Channel 3
Broadcast period: January 1, 2008 – February 18, 2008
Theme song: “Jam Leuy Ruk” (Defendant of Love) Worakarn Rojjanawat (Punch)
Ending song: “Rak Khun Kao Eek Laew” (Love You Again) Pod Moderndog

Production Credits—-
Producer: Yodsinee Na Nakorn
Director: Krit Sukramongkon
Author: Choowong Chayajinda
Screenwriter: “Pimbongkotch”
Company Name: Maker Y Co.,Ltd.

Aum Atichart Chumnanon as Harit Rangsimunt
Taksaorn Paksukcharoen (Aff) as Soraya Napapong (So)
Joy Rinlanee Sripen as Sansanee Supaaat (San)
Chai Chatayodom Hiranyatithi as Tawatchai (Wat)
Kongkrapan Saengsuriya (Noom) as Bai
Sukontawa Kerdnimit (Mai) as Boontai
Rungruang Anantaya (Hack) as Harin Rangsimunt
Ryan Jett as Nukul
Supranee Jayrinpon as Sa-ang Napapong
Dada Suchada Chekley as Young Soraya
X Jatrong as Gawin

(Credits — Asianfuse)

I started this after searching aimlessly for a Lakorn to watch, and God sent Wishboniko my way… and DANG!!!! I found JLR. In between, the title has so many variations. If you look up, where I wrote title, you will see some of the variations. That way, you shouldn’t get confused. 

I’ve heard so many good views about Aff, who is the N’ek (lead female character), I decided to experience it myself. Without giving out much spoilers I will begin the review.

JLY is about a older brother (Narit) avenging his younger brother’s death and there’s a female who can do everything to protect her cousin. This older brother and the female (N’ek – So) crossed paths and that’s where the story begins. Why does Narit want to avenge his brother’s death?? What is So protecting her cousin from?? Was the revenge successful?? What happened during the ”revenging and protecting mode”?? If I answer any of the questions I might end up spoiling the Lakorn for those who are interested in watching it.

My views—
I really enjoyed the Lakorn, the whole revenge and protection plot. So’s is the loving, forever grateful, innocent, good-willed girl; who will go any length to protect the one she loves. Narit is the over-protective older brother, you don’t want to get on his nerves. San is the spoilt princess, the one who has the mentality of getting whatever and whoever she wants, and she can go whatever lengths to achieve it, in other words she’s selfish, and the extended casts didn’t do a bad job either.

The chemistry was AWESOME!!!! The acting of the cast was  great, there wasn’t any form of over-acting, and one could feel exactly what was going on. In other words, it’s quite easy to put yourself in the character’s shoes. The only loophole I sensed is, I didn’t feel the real culprit getting the right punishment. OOOOO don’t get me wrong, the real culprit got punished, but I wanted MORE!!!!. 

While I was watching JLR, I so wanted to jump into my laptop and slap the hell out of some characters…. I really had a roller-coaster emotion. I also watched it with my siblings.

For those interested in watching JLR….. I present to you this site… Watch it at Wishboniko… have fun!!! But please don’t hurl your laptop or PC at the wall :p 

P.S — 
Don’t get me wrong, but there were some controversial issue here. I highly appreciate it when some is grateful, plus, is basic manners for someone to be grateful, but what do there’s a difference between being grateful and blindly grateful. In the sense that, one hurts oneself in the process of showing one’s appreciation. Moreover, this other person is practically demanding for the appreciation and doesn’t care how you go about showing. It’s more like blackmailing someone…… arrrghhh.

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