T – Lakorns #2

I’ve been taking Lakorns seriously for a while and there are some ”stuffs” about it, I don’t quite buy. Well, I can’t say I dislike them, but I just don’t quite buy it…… but in the long run it pays off and gives one a new feeling/vibe while watching Lakorns and sometimes it really goes over-board.

For those of us who watch Lakorns, we can safely say the script writers always come up twisted antagonists – these antagonists also execute hideous and ridiculous plans just in other to get back at someone or take back what they think it’s theirs or even take what isn’t theirs. These antagonists are also wonderful manipulators, they can single-handily manipulate every other cast. It’s good to make the antagonist look really evil and all, but at times, it goes overboard and I begin to wonder if what’s going on can really, really happen.

The other stereotype I don’t in any way buy, is how most of the lead actresses are always portrayed…… They portray them as weaklings, slow-witted, too naive, between being foolish, stupid and nice, can easily forgive – no matter how huge and ridiculous the situation is, they understand every situation. To sum it up, the lead actresses behave and look pretty dumb. 

The logo of a slap-kiss Lakorn is rape scenes…… seriously??!! I don’t know how they got this kind of idea, but there’s always (not really always) a rape scene. I can safely say, out of the Lakorns have watched, there are only 2 dramas that don’t have a rape or nearly rape scene. Rape scenes are like trademarks for a slap-kiss Thai-drama.

Among the other stuffs is pairing up a certain actor with a certain actress – Aff and Aum, Ken and Ann, Yaya and Nadech, these are the most common pairing in the Thai entertainment industry. Although, I’ve been made to understand that this is how the movie/drama industry works in Thailand. I call it Fan-service — Don’t get me wrong, these pairings are really good and wonderful, because these couples have amazing chemistry.

I’m also a newbie in Lakorns, but these are my views so far….. If you’ve noticed anything since you’ve been watching Lakorns. You can as well make it known by commenting.

What’s funny the most is, despite what I’ve noticed so far, Lakorns are still worth watching and there are some that just suck you in 15 mins into watching it.

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