IMW – Wanida

This is another Lakorn, I finished watching this yesterday….. What other good time is available to write a review on Wanida, but when it’s still fresh in my memory.

Let me launch this review with it’s trailer …..

Here comes some few details —-

Title: วนิดา / Wanida
Also known as:
Duration: 16 Episodes
Genre: Romance/Drama/Period
Popularity: Rating of 11
Broadcast network: Channel 3
Broadcast period: Aug 23, 2010 – October 12, 2010
Theme song: “Buppe Sanniwas” Petch Pacharapan Suthanon
Theme song: “Prom Likit” Tee Jetset’er
Relate to: Wanida

Production Credits —-
Director: Yuthana Lorphanpaiboon & Hathairat Omtwanit
Screenwriter: Panathee
Company Name: Lakorn Thai

Cast —-
Tik Jesadaporn Pholdee —  Major Prajak Mahasak (Yai)
Aff Taksaorn Paksukcharoen — Wanida (Nid)
Joy Rinlanee Sripen — Pisamai
Boy Pidsanu Nimsakul — Captain Montree
Jaja Primrata Dejudom —  Ampai (Jeed)
Kong Sorawit Suboon — Prajuab (Lek)
Patsachon Soopree — Chumsri
Atcharapan Paibulsuwan —  Aunt Thong
Duangta Toongkamanee —  Madam Nom
Montri Janeaksorn (Pu) — Dao
Meji Pimaksiporn Wingomin — Pranee
Suchao Pongwilai — Chao Khun
Yai Sira Patrat —  Ampan
Golf Benjapol Cheuyaroon — Plai
(AsianFuse — Credits)

Review —-

Okay, let’s get the review rolling!!! After I finished watching Jam Leuy Ruk, I wanted to watch another Lakorn with Aff Taksaorn. Wanida 2010 is a remake of other Wanidas, I do not know how many Wanidas are out there, but I know of this one. :p I only watched Wanida beacuse of Tik and Aff, well, for those who are Lakorn fans won’t blame me, but if you aren’t yet…. you did understand later (^_-).

It started out pretty interesting, it’s settings is that of the 1950s – just below the knee-cut dresses, most of the males are in the military. There’s also so much talk about nobility, your highness, lady-in-waiting, the honour and promise of a soldier and what have you. The main couple in this Lakorn had a wonderful chemistry….

Seriously, I don’t know how this works in Lakorns, but how can you let someone you love marry another person, then you make this lover of yours promise you, that he will never fall in love with this other person. As in what sort of nonsense is that?? Well, I really count it as nonsense…. No offense intended. What about this, you say you will wait for your lover, but during the course of your waiting, you marry some else. This other person then dies, then you let your lover know that your spouse is dead and you are still waiting for him/her…… I really don’t get the logic, what sort of scheme is that?? These are situations that were presented in Wanida. There’s also the issue of gambling, loan shark, greed and all.

There are 3 couples in  Wanida. Two are just side stories, but they also influence the main couple (Aff and Tik). Wanida is actually about a girl named Wanida, she uses her innocense, goodness and sincerity to win over her family’s enemy and also to return honour to her dead grandmother. While Wanida is trying to play her part, we see the 3 main villains frustrating the plans of Wanida’s Dad (Dao) and these antagonist execute ridiculous and mischievous plans, but in the later run, their plans was an epic fail. The funniest thing is, they were always caught red-handed, as in right in the middle of executing their devilish plans hahaha.. 

I loved Dao’s character, he really portrayed what it means to be a father. He was the only undefeated character in Wanida. The guy is so good, so funny and highly intelligent (meeen he’s super crafty). For the record Wanida is the only Lakorn I’ve watched that I’ve laughed to the point of tears, there were some really, really, really fun scenes. Most of these scenes were done by the servants of either Wanida or the antagonist.

The downside is….. Tik’s character had blank expressions, especially when he was angry or confused… I don’t know if that’s how he’s suppose to act, but it was a little too plain and blank for me. I always have a problem with the lead actresses, they are ever so nice to the point of stupidity. Although Wanida (the main character) equally gave the 3 villains a hard time, but I know she could do have done better than that. There were also too many flashbacks and fillers — some were unnecessary!!

Generally, this Lakorn is good – there’s great chemistry, good acting, nice background music, dress codes of the 1950s – the setting was absolutely good. And for once there was not a single RAPE scene…. that came as a surprise though. 

If you are in a dilemma, or you are not sure about watching Wanida…. You can be rest assured. WANIDA is a wonderful drama, Plus, it’s also quite refreshing.

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