RS – Aff

I haven’t spazzed about a female yet… I’m going to launch my first female hearthrob — Aff Taksoarn Paksukcharern, hopefully, I didn’t misspell her name. Thai names are sometimes difficult to remember. 

I came across Aff (that’s her nickname) when I watched Jam Leuy Ruk, although JLR isn’t one of my fave Lakorns, due to a little controversial issue, but it’s worth watching. After then I moved on to watch Wanida, which was really funny and more refreshing.

I can safely say, she’s one of the most beautiful Thai actresses and her acting skills are really good. She’s mostly paired up with Aum Atichart Chumnanon, which isn’t bad. She has also been paired up with the best looking actor in my own opinion – Tik in Wanida and also Ken Theeradeth Wonpuapan in Jai Rao. I’m yet to watch more of her Lakorns. There’s something I don’t like about her characters in Lakorns she has been featured is, she’s always too vulnerable and her character leans more to the stereotyped Nang’ek – loving, too caring, stupidly naive….

One time, I was checking her up online and something about she getting married ….. Okay, well, what can I say…. absolutely nothing but congratulate her. She actually got married this year, in April I think. Her hubby goes by the name Songkran Techanarong [In between, he does look good (^_-)], I tried checking him up, but I couldn’t find much about him, apart from the fact that he’s a policeman or something along that line. I really think she’s awesome!!!

Some of her Lakorns —

  • Rissaya with Job Niti Samutkojorn (Ch.3 2003)
  • Pu chai Mur Song with Chai Chatayodom Hiranyatithi (Ch.3 2003)
  • Michaibancha Ma Ya Cheevit with Golf Akkara Amatayakul (Ch.7 2005)
  • Puen Ruk with Petch Krunnapol Teansuwan (Ch.3 2005)
  • Thee Trakoon Song with Kik Danai Jarujinda (Ch.3 2006)
  • Mon Ruk Lottery with Dan Worrawech Danuwong (Ch.3 2006)
  • Jom Jai with Dom Haetrakul (Ch.3 2007)
  • Meuh Dok Rak Ban with Smart Krissada Pornweroj (Ch.3 2007)
  • Jam Leuy Ruk (2008) with Aum Atichart Chumnanon (Ch.3 2008)
  • Botun Greep Sood Tai (2008) with Aum Atichart Chumnanon (Ch.3 2008)
  • Jai Rao with Ken Theeradeth Wonpuapan (Ch.3 2008)
  • Prajan See Roong with Bie Sukrit Wisedkaew (Ch.3 2009)
  • Namtan Mai with Aum Atichart Chumnanon (Ch.3 2009)
  • Wanida 2010 with Tik Jesadaporn Pholdee (Ch.3 2010)
  • Roy Mai with Aum Atichart Chumnanon (Ch.3 2011)
  • Rak Prakasit (2012) with Poh Nattawut Skidjai (Ch.3 2012) (credits — AsianFuse)
Enough with the story… Let’s get the pictures rolling….
 Wedding pics—-
Spazzing of only Aff

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