T – Day 1

I promised that, I would write about the first few days in my new study environment. I really should have started blogging about like 2 days ago, but…… But, anyway, I’m already doing it (^_-). There will be pictures in between the paragraphs ^_^.



 Actually, I came here on Thursday, but I hadn’t moved my things in, I only slept over for the night, I travelled back home on Friday, then came back on Saturday with practically every one of my luggage. So, I officially moved in on Saturday.

I don’t live in the same town as my University, I live some few minutes away. In case you’re wondering where I school, you can check it out here (the power of wiki LOL). It’s actually a small town, but there’s a lot of students, because they offer some courses in English. But there’s a little issue with their transportation system and it’s also quiet, apart from that, every other thing is pretty okay. There are a lot of shops – Syndikat, Juwelier, Delka, Sports 2000, C&A, Schlecker, Niedermeyer & more…… that can make you run out of cash. There’s a street that’s particularly dedicated to shops….. I’m supposed to write the name of the street, but I don’t know the name :p

I live in a 2 storey building and I have 7 flatmates, it’s a big house. They are all from different countries – Switzerland, Uzbekistan, Holland, Mexico, Austria, Germany…. It’s fun to live with people from a different country and with different cultures.

Talking about my first night, before I finished unpacking and making my room look like a place where a human being actually will be living in, a flatmate asked me, if I did like to take a stroll to Krems (where my Uni is) or even sit by the Danube river. So, I was like, I needed to unpack first.

Later in the evening, I met up with another flatmate. At the end of the day, we decided to take a stroll across the bridge (actually, this bridge connects Krems to where I stay), we took along a bottle of wine, and a blanket, so that we could sit on the floor and ”gaze” at the stars….. lol. We (the other 2 and I) found a suitable place, opened the bottlenof wine, a tin of groundnut and gave series of toast. We spoke about a lot of things, we were there for 2-3 hours. Then we took a stroll again, to the centre of Krems, bought drinks and sat at a cafe house.

We didn’t get back until 12:30am, I was so tired, that I was sleep-walking, or should I say doze-walking. But it was fun!!!!

More pics….

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