IMW – Mia Taeng

YAY!!!!! I’m so happy to be writing a review for Mia Taeng. I’m supposed to have written a review on it, but I got caught up in the back to school mode….. Anyway, I present to you MIA TAENG!!

Firstly, a peek at the teaser —

here’s another teaser

Details —-

Title: Mia Teang
Also known as: Wedded Wife
Genre: Romance/Slap&Kiss/Drama
Popularity: top rated
Air time: Mon-Tues
Broadcast network: Channel 3
Broadcast period: July 18, 2011
Theme song: “Poo Ying Ngoh Ngoh Tee Yaum Tur Ngai Ngai” Panadda Ruangwut
Relate to: Mia Tang (2000)

Production Credits –
Producer: Add info here
Director: Add info here
Screenwriter: Add info here
Company Name: Maker J. Group

Cast —-
Chompoo Araya A. Hargate as Arunprapai
Rome Patchata Nampan as Kongkai
Benz Pornchita Na Songkhla as Prungchat
Mick Boromwuti Hiranyatithi as Sasha
Wan Thanakrit Panichawit as Wayu
Boy Pidsanu Nimsakul as Poochom
Gale Warunlak Sirimaneewattana as Ben
Job Niti Samutkojorn as Narong
Duangta Toongkamanee as Khung Ying Pawan (Kongkai’s mother)
Honey Passorn Boonyarkriet as Neuathip
(AsianFuse — credits)

I stumbled on this on youtube…and I so LOVE it!!!!

Okay time for the review —-
There’s actually nothing that special about the storyline, it’s like a typical Lakorn – the Pra’ek is forced to marry a girl (Nang’ek) his mother picked for him…. Our Pra’ek already has a girl he’s dating. Well, this girlfriend tries every evil deed in and outside the book to get him back. The Pra’ek also stupidly promised his girlfriend, that he would come back to her after a year. But things didn’t go the way the Pra’ek and his gf planned. The other concept I liked about Mia Taeng is the issue of who will take over PV Real Estate. Mia Taeng isn’t all about romance, but also there’s also business related matters. 

According to MT, the P’ek is a little hare-brained, but he recovered from stupidity soon enough. The N‘ek isn’t as dumb as most N’eks, she says her mind and she didn’t allow anyone to walk all over her. The mother of P’ek is really one awesome character. Okay, enough with the characters. One more thing, the charcters are really AWESOME!!!! 

Concerning the romance, if there’s anything that I’ve noticed with Lakorns is the chemistry between the two lead characters. And Mia Taeng really delivered romance-wise. Although, the business-wise Mia Taeng was found wanting, but it was compensated for. How?? You may ask…. The two families involved in the business issue are the family of the Pra’ek and the family of the girlfriend…. So, you can imagine how interwoven this Lakorn would be. Mia Taeng has some wonderful sarcastic comments, who knows you might find them useful ~winks~

There’s also this issue of letting one’s lover get married to someone else, then hoping after a while, he/she would divorce his/her spouse and then one’s lover will be back and things would go back the way it was…. Yeah, right!!! What a well-laid plan and once it doesn’t go as planned… Everything becomes highly chaotic. ~sighs~ 
I also love the way the whole Lakorn was wrapped up… The evil deeds weren’t also far-fetched. All in all, Mia Taeng is really interesting and funny.

No need for second thoughts, you also don’t need to search for where to watch it from…. just click here!!!!


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