T – Day 5

My induction week for my course began on day 5, I got to meet sooo many people. I also met 4 people who come from my home country Nigeria, that was quite overwhelming!!! Since, my course is in English, but in a German speaking country, there are lot of foreign exchange and international students. We got welcomed by the programme director, at first what he was saying was of interest to me, but after an hour and some minutes, I couldn’t stay still any longer….. He kept on saying stuffs that was pretty unnecessary for us. There was also the rector and she drilled into us the rules and regulations of the Uni, exams, scores, syllabus, what and what nots. But I felt welcomed :))

We also had to introduce ourselves, as in, we were in this lecture room and after the programme director introduced himself, he put this I-welcome-you-all kind of smile on his face and said it was time to introduce ourselves one by one….. and I was like, ”just right”. Some decided not to keep their introductions short, which was well,.. fine by me and while some made it pretty short – their first name and where they come from, no additional story of what they were doing before coming, what they are doing and all. Anyway, the introduce-yourself episode was pretty interesting.

As soon as I had the opportunity, I went to speak to a girl, she comes from Thailand. I was really, really happy to see, not that I knew her beforehand or something, but it’s just wonderful speaking to someone about what you know about their country and LAKORNS hehhehe, okay, actually, the main reason I wanted and went to talk to her was…. because I’ve been watching Lakorns. And she also watches Lakorns, which spiced our getting to each other.

I got a little disturbed in between, because I was yet to buy some real ”important” stuffs that I needed when I  start classes. Another colleague in the same course and I had to think of how and where we could this materials.

These pretty sums up the whole day….

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