T – Day 6

My induction week is still on, I really didn’t need to listen to much speeches today :p. Today’s programme consisted of going to the library, if we hadn’t gone there, I’m sure the induction week would have been incomplete. 

There’s this teamwork thingy, where we have to play games to get to know each other and build Teamwork – arranging ourselves orderly according to months and dates, without saying a single word and we also have to stand on our seats, we are not allowed to come down from them, there was this Spider web thingy, we had to go over to the other side by going through a web once, and no crawling underneath, we also had to wrap a egg, in such a way that, when it falls from a height of 4m it wouldn’t break, we were divided into 5 groups for that and no group’s egg survived. Each group had an egg, tapes, a balloon, cotton wools, a piece of cardboard, an A4 paper and a transparent nylon. The eggs wonderfully broke into pieces hahaha

To fully crown my getting to know the library, I borrowed 3 books, 2 are crime books and the other one has something to do with the dignity of women and such – here are their titles and authors; ”I” is for Innocent (Sue Grafton), Well-schooled in Murder (Elizabeth George) and The House of Mirth (Edith Wharton). I’ve actually started reading ”I” is for Innocent, and it’s pretty good.

I haven’t gotten my school materials, so after the Teamwork building session I went Deichman (a German shoe retail chain) hunting, but I couldn’t find it in the centre of Krems, where most of the stores are. It was so frustrating and also cold. I later got to know, that it’s some 5km from where I stay, that practically killed every energy I had left.

When I got home, I was dog-tired and hungry…. I was thinking of just getting home, wiping something that would take too long to cook, but then a flatmate came along, the one I had coffee with the other day and VIOLA I got something to eat, not just anything, but it was delicious – Macaroni, cheese, ham, mushrooms…. it was really delicious. I chatted a little with some peeps, while I savoured my dinner.

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