IMW – Sao Chai Hi-tech

I need to apologise about this review coming in late. I got caught up in many stuffs.
I don’t know if I’ve said this before, but this was my first Lakorn ever, and the funniest thing is, at the time I watched it, I watched it WITHOUT English subs, not a single scene was English subbed. But thanks to OmAkapan (a site on youtube), I was able to watch the whole Lakorn, well, Nalika had English subs for ep 1 – ep 11 and OmAkapan completed it.
Take a look at the teaser — 
Title: สาวใช้ไฮเทค / Sao Chai Hi-Tech
Also known as: Hi-Tech Maid
Duration: 22 Episodes
Genre: Comedy/Romance
Popularity: First episode:
End episode rating: 20.3
Broadcast network: Channel 7
Broadcast period: Aug. 6, 2010 – Sept. 24, 2010
Theme song: “Sao Chai Hi-Tech” Pimthara Patarathepsakul
Relate to: Sao Chai Hi-Tech (1997)
Production Credits—
Producer: –
Director: Sumruay Rukchart
Screenwriter: Chaichat
Company Name: Dara VDO
Aom Akkaphan Namart as Nol Ratsameemarn
Warattaya Nilkuha (Jui) as Reuangrin Narokmon (Rin)
Amy Amika Klinprathum as Niya
Pepper Ratthasart Korrasud as Danu
Premsinee Ratanasopa as Romanee
Fern Thitinan Suwanthaworn as Kingkarn
Am Suthee Siangwaan as Sakchai
(Credits — AsianFuse)
I really LOVE this Lakorn, I know I’ve said this for all my reviews, but if I didn’t like them I won’t waste my time writing a review. So, Nol got messed up b y is girlfriend of 10 years on the wedding day and since then, he has become a monster, insolated, he even stopped doing is responsibility and nobody could do any thing about it. Until Rin (Jui Wattaraya – In between I’m a huge fan of hers XDD) came along, her role was to be a maid-servant and help to come out from the state of abyss he was in. I think everyone can guess what happened at the end :)). Anyway, Sao Chai Hi-tech wasn’t tagged as comedy for genre’s sake it’s really funny.
I really love the chemistry between Nol and Rin; and also between Niya and Danu, they all make cute couples. I really don’t know how they doing it in the Lakorn industry, but they always manage to get awesome people to play the role of maids/househelpers. On and Ped did a wonderful job here, in between you definitely can’t miss out on Ped’s laughter (his laughter would make you laugh hehehe). The actress that played the Grandmother exceuted it WELL!!!! If I continue, I might end up listing the whole cast…… They all did a good job.
As for the plot, it was good, the storyline made sense, but what I found disturbing is, there were some issues that could have been avoided just with some few sentences. But I guess the directors were aiming for 22 episodes, so…..
I don’t know how I would have taken it if, I was screwed over as Nol was screwed over, but I’m pretty sure I won’t brood over it as long as he did. Becasue this so called bf would probably have moved on with his life and mine is on pause. Why would it be hard for you to tell your boyfriend what kind of project you’re working on?? This isn’t a boyfriend of 2 years, I’m talking about a bf of 5 years!!!
A friend like Niya is quite rare to find, in case you have one, it did be advisable to hold on to them…. Do I sound cheap?? lol
I promise you, you would not in circumstance dislike Sao Chai Hi-tech, it’s funny, it has romance, a lot of wierd personalities and the end is absolutely cute. To watch it just click here and you can find the remaining episodes here.
P.S — I want to thank Amanda for buddy watching SCHT and helping me with the review ^^.

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