Happy Sunday #4

HURRAY!!!!! I’m done with my one week laboratory practicals. Okay, it wasn’t exactly hell, but that was my first time working under such an environment and it took it’s toll on me. I gained a whole lot of new experience…… That’s pretty much all that happened ^^. Oh and I plan on writing an article on the What and How of being in a Lab…….stay logged in ;). I crowned my Lab week by attending the Octoberfest on Saturday in Munich and that was a lot of fun XDD.
Why don’t you start your week with this!!! ^^ 
In between, it’s a Korean song and this group just debuted not quite long. This song is pretty good and it’s melodious. I personally like it ^^.
What we need to always remember!!!!
Another wonderful song -:
As ever and usual, I’m wishing y’all a splendid and stress-free (well, that might be hard to accomplish) week.
HERE are cakes ^_^


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