Happy Sunday #5

Hello!!!! I worked on this blog again, there isn’t much difference. I changed the dramas on my ” Currently watching”, after so many weeks. I also moved the Page section back to the top and I removed the Label gadget, there were too many stuffs on the side…… There are some other changes and the most evident one, which I know you would have noticed already is the songs playing in the background.

I watched a movie yesterday…… There’s this sound track, it’s really lovely. Enjoy listening to it….. Oh the background music, you can either pause it or listen to this song directly on youtube.

My week was really good, I ate some Mexican dishes, which were really delicious and I got to know some new foreign exchange students.
I find this really funny…. In between trying this isn’t a good idea, you might not get the desired end result. 😀
Here’s another
I’m wishing y’all a wonderful week!!! 
This song is a soundtrack from a Lakorn I watched not long ago.
And cakes!!!!!

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