IMW – Hard Romanticker

I watched this after watching Duelist. This is a Japanese movie. As usual take a peek at the trailer.
Details —-
Romaji: Hadoromanchika
Japanese: ハードロマンチッカー
Director: Su-Yeon Gu
Writer: Mitsunori Gu, Su-Yeon Gu
Producer: Kimio Kataoka, Masahiro Harada, Naoya Kinoshita, Haruki Kadokawa, Shigeyuki Endo
Cinematographer: Hideyuki Bushu
Release Date: November 26, 2011
Runtime: 109 min.
Genre: Action
Production Company: Toei
Distributor: Toei
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan
Gu (Shota Matsuda) is a hard-nosed Korean-Japanese hoodlum living in Shimonoseki, Japan. When friends “accidentally” kill the grandmother of a ruthless North Korean-Japanese thug, a whirlwind of violence and revenge is set to explode. In the process, Gu, having no fear, pisses off a string of other criminal gang members and Korean-Japanese thugs who all want him dead. There’s also Detective Fujita (Atsuro Watabe) lingering in the shadows looking for Gu, but where is Gu?
Meanwhile, Gu lucks his way into a managerial job for a hostess club, run by a suave man named Takagi (Shido Nakamura). Instincts tells Gu that Takagi is more than he seems. In fact, Takagi works for a rival gang and may be involved with drugs. When Gu returns to Shimonoseki all hell is about to break loose.
Shota Matsuda – Gu
Kento Nagayama – Tatsu
Atsuro Watabe – Det. Fujita
Shido Nakamura – Takagi   
Tokio Emoto – Masaru
Kaname EndoPark – Yono
Sei Ashina – Natsuko
Yoko Maki – wife of crime boss  
Dai Watanabe – Masa
Claude Maki – Shoji
Keiko Awaji – Gu’s grandmother
Hakuryu – Wakatama
Gota Watabe – Yasuda
Yuma Ishigaki – Ipakki
Jyonmyon Pe – Kantefan
Yuya Endo – Kimuchongi
Motoki Ochiai – Park Yono’s brother
Nobuaki Kaneko – Takashi
Naoki Kawano – Kaneko
Ayaka Tomoda
 (Credits — AsianWiki)
I present to you one of the wonderful actors in Japan Matsuda Shota. I and some couple of friends were waiting for this movie to be subbed since it’s release last year. It got subbed sometime this year.
Here, Shota plays the role of a loner, he was quite cruel and brutal also. This movie has no plot, there’s no particular substance to this movie. It just tells a story about the kind of world Gu (Shota’s character) is living in and it shows a some particular events that happened to him. I’m going to quote what a friend told me hehehe ”Don’t expect a happy ending”. That’s what she actually told me hehehe. Gu is surrounded by gangsters and he’s a gangster himself, he doesn’t just belong to any gang. In his world, there’s the issue of doping, pimping of teenage girls, unnecessary fighting and all.
 Some minutes into watching HR, I gave up on the happy ending thing….. then towards the middle, I actually had some kind of hope……. but that got blown away before the end of the movie.
I didn’t feel an ounce of pity for the casts in HR, including Gu himself, like the saying goes….  How you lay your bed, that’s how you lay on it. So, if you’re a fan of Shota and you want to see how dynamic and versatile he can be, then definitely need to give HR a shot. For those looking for something light…… this isn’t something light, but you can also give it a try.

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