IMW – Flying With You

Another movie review – ^_^. I think it’s a Taiwanese movie, but it’s called a Chinese movie…… I actually don’t know why I think it’s a TW-movie, maybe it’s because of Jimmy Lin. And yep!!!! Jimmy Lin starred in this movie.
Enough said, teaser time —>
Chinese: 一起飞
Korean: 플라잉 위드 유
Director: Zhang Li
Release Date: Summer, 2012
Language: Mandarin
Country: China
A tomboyish woman (Jang Na-Ra) is the only child of a wealthy father involved in real estate. A few days before her wedding she meets a man (Jimmy Lin) who is a former armed forces member. The man introduces the woman into the world of paramotor sports.
Jimmy Lin
Jang Na-Ra
(credits – AsianWiki)
I was browsing through youtube and I found Flying With You waiting to be watched. I read that white place below the video, where show description is written. And I read the names Jimmy Lin and Jang Nara….. For a moment I was thinking and wondering who Jimmy Lin was, Jang Nara I know – she’s a Korean actress. Jimmy Lin looked familiar and then I remember My Lucky Star. I watched it immediately!!!!
Jimmy Lin plays the role of a ex-soldier, now in a top parachute club and Jang Nara plays the role of a wealthy man’s only daughter. Jang Nara is quite stubborn, not necessarily hot-headed and she’s very nice, but she wants to get to know more about what happens outside the world her Dad has created for her. Jimmy Lin on the other hand, is a badass guy, was once a soldier, highly experience, loves living on the edge and DARN!!!!! He was really hot in this movie!!!!
The two of them meet one another, while Jimmy was doing a test flight with a parachute he built. He saw Jang Nara’s character up a mountain and he thought she was about to commit suicide and then……… Whereas she has a boyfriend already, a guy her Dad highly delights in (that sentence sounds ancient). A lot of things happened in between, a bet was even made.
I really love the sequence of each scene in FWY. If you don’t watch it properly you might not get it, because the movie goes back and forth from what happened 6 months ago, to what happened 6 months later, then back to what happened 12 months ago. I loved that, it made me focus the more.
The soundtrack was also good. How on earth did I forget the kiss hehehe, that was HOT!!! FWY is a light and fun drama, it’s something you did watch to get relieved from stress or whatever.
Youtube is the place to watch it xDD.

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