I was actually still in my studying mood – The dramas I’m currently watching were still on hold. I went through my list again and I found SPEC, I really didn’t have any idea that it had a prequel, the prequel is actually a drama. Not until when I read some comments. In between, SPEC is a Japanses drama.
There should be a teaser somewhere, okay here it is: 
Movie: SPEC: Heaven
Romaji: Gekijyohan SPEC ~Ten
Japanese: 劇場版 SPEC~天~
Director: Yukihiko Tsutsumi
Writer: Yumie Nishiogi
Producer: Hiroki Ueda
Cinematographer: Shigeyu Madarame
Release Date: April 7, 2012
Runtime: 119 min.
Genre: Police / Thriller / Comedy
Distributor: Toho
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan
Saya Toma (Erika Toda) is a female detective with an IQ of 201. Takeru Sebumi (Ryo Kase) is a career detective with a distinguished background. They work on cases by postulating the “SPEC” of the unknown criminals and then deduce the criminal’s unknown “SPEC” to make arrests.
A mystery occurs when bodies are found on a cruiser in the ocean. Saya Toma and Ryo Kase of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department are brought in to solve the case.
Erika Toda – Saya Toma
Ryo Kase – Takeru Sebumi
Atsushi Ito – Atsushi Ito
Saki Fukuda – Misuzu Shimura
Chiaki Kuriyama – Satoko Aoike
Ryunosuke Kamiki – Juichi Ninomae
Takahiro Miura – Tamaki Miyano
Kippei Shiina – Sukehiro Tsuda
Denden – Kenzo Ichiyanagi 
Yuko Asano – Madame Yo
 Raita Ryu – Kotaro Nonomura
Akaji Maro – Akira Nitanai
Go Riju – Kaoru Fukutomi
Kasumi Arimura – Miyabi Masaki
 Kohki Okada – Kaoru Baba 
Kazuyuki Matsuzawa – Ayumu Shikaima
Ryuji Sainei – Souji Inomada
Koji Ishikawa – Rupu father
(credits– AsianWiki)
My list never seems to get any smaller and I plan on reducing it drastically!!! If only i had the time. Enough with the whining!!!! SPEC is an awesome movie, and Erika Toda didn’t disappoint me at all, she delivered!!!!
She plays the role of a detective here along with another actor who equally delivered. Since it has a prequel,  a little recap was done. Through the recap I got to know that, Erika Toda’s character is a spec holder. Question No 1 – Who are specholders?? Specholders are the people with super powers, who are said to have evolved during their life time to realise their spec (power). If you’ve watched heroes, just remove all the characters in heroes, insert these Japanese characters and some deadly specs. Does heroes have the detective part?? I really can’t remember now, since I never really watched it season by season, I just watched some few eps here and there.
Okay…… Among these specholders, there are some that want to control the world with their specs. The specholders are also divided, there are some doing their own thing, some are working for the government while some have formed their own organisation. A war has now broken out. I skipped a very important detail; right from the beginning there were 3 prophecies, 2 have been fulfilled, but the thrid hasn’t been fulfilled and nobody knows what the third prophesy actually holds. So, add up the prophesy issue, specholder and their spec and you have SPEC.
SPEC is a good supernatural, psychological, comedy (I did say underlying comedy) movie. The powers are awesomely shown, like there’s this guy that can bring out spikes from his fingers…… that’s just awesome, there’s a 3D effect everytime some uses his/her spec.
Since dumbass me didn’t watch the prequel, I’m going to get down to that. And there’s a sequel (another movie)  also. I’m going to watch everything and write a review!!!

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