Happy Sunday #8

WELCOME once again to Happy Sunday!!!!!

Last HS, I skipped on this section…… Here’s a song from Taylor Swift, this song is currently holding the 8th position on Youtube 100.

I know this is coming 4 days late, but what can I do!!! HAPPY NEW MONTH!!!!

I wish you guys an awesome month!!! I have some new month resolutions…… resolutions doesn’t pertain only to years, does it?? 007 is back again with Skyfall…… Okay I know this is a late news, but after watching the trailer (which I just did some minutes ago)…. I got excited hehehe. For people like me…… here the tip of Skyfall — 

I think it’s even out in the cinemas already…… I have no idea, but I’m sure it’s not yet out in Austria lol!!! I was talking about my new month’s resolutions. I have a bad habit of not completing my currently-watching-dramas. So, I’m going to finish all the dramas on my CW this month. I also plan on adding another page, where all the ratings of dramas and movies I have watched can be seen and admired….. LOL admired?? (WTH??). I’ve gone Bollywood of recent, so you guys should be expecting some reviews on movies from Bollywood ~winks~

I’m really getting distracted here…… That’s why it’s not good to do a lot of stuffs at the same time. I’m still raving about Tumblr….. The images, photos and gifs are just awesome…. As from now on, when I need an amazing photo, eye candy, whatsoever….. Tumblr holds the answer!!!

Weekly dose of images, quotes and cakes :)))
I saw this image today on facebook 

And this one…. really cracked me up. The person who thought this up is a genius hahahaha

This quote is from a Thai-movie (Bangkok Traffic Love Story) 

The artist of this song is from my home country (Nigeria)…… It’s a lovely song.


Have an awesome week people!!!!


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