Happy Sunday #9


It’s a nice song….. Plus, I’m a fan of U-Kiss.

By the way, today’s date is 11.11.2012 and today is Pepero day in Korea….. Pepero can be likened to Valentine’s day….. I’m wishing you all a HAPPY PEPERO DAY!!!!

My productivity level these days has been slashed down by half….. I don”t even know why myself LOL!!! I guess I’m just being lazy. I’m still yet to post my review on Mujhse Dosti Karoge….. I should do that this week. I’m watching Reply 1997 and I should be done with it in the next two days, provided I don’t fall into another drama slump.

Still on the pepero thingy -_^

I’ve been on Goodreads for 3 days now….. adding and rating books. I’ve also downloaded some couple of old literature. 

I tried searching for some pepero quotes or something along that line, but to no avail…. So I guess something random and funny should do (-_^).

For the scientist in you hehehe!!!

Here’s a Pepero song!!!! This songs basically gives you a summary of what Pepero day is all about.

Pepero kiss —->

 I will post that right after this; these are different types of pepero….. share them with your loved ones ^_^

The pepero kiss is mostly done among lovers….. What am I saying?? Obviously it’s done among lovers…… or??

This was done by one of the virtual couples in the variety show We Got Married.

I wish everyone a splendid PEPERO DAY and WEEK!!!

I stole this from a friends wall…. I’m calling this Pepero eye-candy ~winks~

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