Happy Sunday #10

The days are sure flying by these days…. Not to talk about the fact that this year is already coming to an end already, what’s left of this year is just a month and 2 weeks I guess.

Before I go further, here’s a Korean song, by a group that recently debuted. I stumbled on last week….

Okay, back to my the-year-will-soon-come-to-an-end talk. Although we have less than 2 months, that doesn’t mean we can’t still get some stuffs done. That aside, the Christmas holiday is around the corner…. I hope someone is as excited as I am ~does a happy dance~ hehehehe. 

I had an early weekend, so I planned to make the best out of it. Which I did., if you look up at the Pages, you will notice they’ve doubled lol…… To make things easier, click here to have an overview and a brief intro
 If you also take a look at the Currently Watching gadgets, you will see that the dramas I’ve reduced from 6-4. I’m done watching Reply 1997…. Be expecting a review!!! I took Miss Rose out, because it’s still airing and it seems as if the subbers have gotten busy. So…..

Here are your usual dosage of quotes/images

Those of us in exam periods, sure understand how depressing this can be hehehe!!!

I added more pictures to Kame‘s gallery, don’t forget to check it out 😉 I also added galleries of Ne-Yo and Logan Lerman. I think that’s all I did.

Okay….. cookies, cakes, cookies, cakes, cookies….. Cookies it is then

I sincerely wish ya’all a PLEASANT week!!!

Another pleasant song—

Weekly dose of eye candy

Julien Kang

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