Happy Sunday #13

LOL!!! The above ”Hello” picture has occupied almost the whole page. 

I’m really getting excited ~YAY!!!~ Why??? You ask, why not?? I’m just happy to be able to post another edition of Happy Sunday annnnnd……. It’s going to be CHRISTMAS soon!!!! Plus, 2012 is gradually coming to an end, hmmm……

Since we are in the Christmas mood, here is a classical Christmas song, it’s actually an orchestra with lighting house effects ^^

Last week was all fine and good, there wasn’t much stress, or was there?? I can’t remember LOL!!! I had an in-house party/get together and that was fun!!!!

Weekly dose of quotes/images:

What sort of confusing parking sign board is that??? lol!!! 

For the mathematicians in the house ~winks~

I got busy during the week/weekend. In case you missed any of the the new updates – I’ve finally put up the list of dramas I think I should finish this month (okay, to be sincere, I’m kind of doubting that at the moment, but who knows ~shrugs~); there are also the A-Z Drama list and the A-Z Movie list; what else is there?? Oh…. the rating system is also up. It’s best to check it out before checking the A-Z lists (well, either way is also good).
I fulfilled my promise (I’m not sure if that counts as a promise, but…) and I’ve started posting the 15 Christmas cake recipes. I posted the first 3 today, click here to read/view/stare and whatever at them hehehe!!!

I’ve definitely not forgotten about the OST yet…. This OST is from a Taiwanese drama (In Time With You). It is such a BEAUTIFUL song…. I hope you enjoy it!!!!

I need to start buying Christmas gifts and all, but I haven’t started  that yet, but I will, anytime soon.  I’ve also be catching up on the episodes of Running Man (a Korean variety show) that I missed and also the KhunToria couple (another K-variety show from We Got Married). I was surfing the web today and I found recipes for Christmas desserts!!! I will be posting them also, so….. keep in touch ~wriggle eyebrows~

Time for Christmas cookies!!!

Eye candies!!! Too much of sweet things aren’t healthy :p

Have a LOVELY week!!!!!! 

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