Happy Sunday #15

Hurray!!!! It’s only 2 days left to Christmas day!!!! I finally could get my Christmas shopping done yesterday and that took me almost half a day…..  Even though I already made of list of what to buy and for whom, I still thought I was going to go crazy……

Before I bore you with my last second Christmas shopping story…… here’s a Christmas song – 12 days of Christmas 

Back to my last second shopping….. I thought I was going to go crazy…… My brain was imploding and exploding at the same time……. Later in the evening, I came down with a bad headache lol!!! Yeah…but it all went well……. I got all what I wanted.

That aside, I’ve posted the last two parts of Christmas Cake Recipe; you can find that here and here….. I have also started with the reviews….. Drunken To Love You…. I will put up the rest soon.

I’m also back home after so many weeks…… It was dead tiring….. If I knew there will be so many people travelling back and forth. I did save myself the stress.

Weekly quotes/images:

A lot of ideas has been flashing through my head….. So be read for some TOP TENS of 2012. Oh…. And that reminds me, I haven’t updated RS in ages….. I’m going to try to see to that.

Here comes another from the list of my OSTs…… I’m sure everyone would know what drama this OST is from…….. but in case you don’t know, the cheat code is below the video. 

This OST is from…….. I’m sure you got it right, Secret Garden!!!

What’s left to say now…… Okay…. I took down the ”Currently watching dramas” side bar gadget….. I don’t think I will be able to meet up with the deadline. I will put it back up sometime in January. 

I didn’t post cookies or cake last time…… 

Weekly eye candies:
I must confess that I’m really ❤ Kame!!!! 

Have an AWESOME WEEK!!!! Christmas is around the corner………


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