IMW – Yankee-kun to Megane-chan

I didn’t see myself writing a review for this drama…… Why you ask??
1. I didn’t find it interesting somewhere in the middle.
2. You definitely don’t want to know how months YktMc was lying on my On-Hold list.
The plan was just to complete YktMc one way or the other.

Trailer—> I’m having some little problems finding it’s trailer on YouTube, so we might have to make do with something else.


Title: ヤンキー君とメガネちゃん
Title (romaji): Yankee-kun to Megane-chan
Also known as: Flunk Punk Rumble / Yanmega
Genre: Comedy
Episodes: 10
Broadcast network: TBS
Theme song: Loose Leaf by Hilcrhyme

Shinagawa Daichi used to be a good student who has now become a delinquent, while class president Adachi Hana was a delinquent who is now trying to move on. Her secret is discovered by Shinagawa, but she involves herself trying to correct his ways.

Narimiya Hiroki as Shinagawa Daichi
Kabe Amon as young Daichi
Naka Riisa as Adachi Hana
Hongo Kanata as Izumi Gaku
Koyanagi Yu as Chiba Seiya
Kawaguchi Haruna as Himeji Rinka
Suzuki Ryohei as Nerima Seiun
Minagawa Sarutoki as Sakai (homeroom teacher)
Furuta Arata as Shinagawa Chuta
Hori Chiemi (堀ちえみ) as Shinagawa Kiyo
Owada Miho as Shinagawa Kairi
Ito Shiro as Adachi Tatsuo

Namioka Kazuki as Sagami (ep1,2,6,9)
Mizuno Maki as Chiba Eriko (ep2,8)
Watanabe Shu as Kobayashi (ep2)
Nishi Yosuke as Tanaka (ep2)
Osada Seiya as Saito (ep2)
Sometani Shota as Kagawa (ep4,10)
Ishibashi Anna as Miyagi Jun (ep6)
Furukawa Yuta as Nagasaki (ep9-10)

Production Credits—
Original writing (manga): Yankee-kun to Megane-chan by Yoshikawa Miki (吉河美希)
Screenwriter: Nagata Yuuko (永田優子)
Producer: Kitagawa Masakazu (北川雅一), Sagiura Minako (杉浦美奈子), Kawashima Ryutaro (川嶋龍太郎)
Director: Takanari Mahoko (高成麻畝子), Yoshida Akio
Music: Nobuchika Teruyuki
(Credits: DramaWiki)

Let’s get the review started…… As I mentioned earlier, I wasn’t planning on writing a review…. I just wanted to finish it up. The list for the cast is really quite extended……. I kinda shortened it.

Naka Riisa plays a delinquent turned class/school president, while Narimiya Hiroki acts the role of a good student turned delinquent. So these two people’s path cross…… 

With those familiar with J-dramas, you did know that, every episode is a small story on how the characters develop, both main and supporting casts. Apart from that, each episode have a moral lesson and addresses issues that happen in high schools.

There were different issues that were addressed in YktMc, such as, bullying, stigmatization of being a delinquent, friends (what to do with your old friends – friends from a past who want to erase, what to do with  the new friends you now have…), family, career and all…. The biggest problem of all, which is trying to belong and the longing to be accepted.

These are topics that almost everyone in high school can relate with – what course should I pick for college?? What college should I go to?? Why even bother with college?? I want to study this, but my parents want me to study something else?? Then there are also the issues with old friends and new friends – friends that knows your past and friends you want to hide your past from….. Pressure from parents….


YktMc really helped me see the kind of fix a high school student can really find him/herself; It also reminded me of some issues I faced while I was in high school. At times, some of these problems sort themselves out, while some, one have to make an effort , if one doesn’t it will/never goes away.

YktMc is a very very very good drama…. It’s just that it can get a little boring  along the way, but once you can persevere a little, it actually gets better. This J-drama isn’t humourless, there are a lot of funny scenes, especially their inner thoughts….. I love the fight scenes also…. They are really comedic and really good also.
The romance is quite light, and it’s same with most J-dramas.


Have fun watching Yankee-kun to Megane-chan!!!!

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