RS – Top 10 OSTs for 2012

Okay….. In 4 days 2012 will become history. I have also been raving about OSTs for a while….. These OSTs aren’t OSTs from the dramas of 2012, rather, they are OSTs are like from dramas/movies I watched in this year (2012), so don’t get all surprised when you see a drama from they year 2002 or a year not 2012. 

Also, they are in no particular order.

 All For You [Reply 1997 – 2012]

 Dian Qi Jao Jian Ai [In Time With You – 2011]

Ruk Mai Tong Karn Wela [Sao Chai Hi tech – 2010]
Kum Taub Soot Tai [Sao Chai Hi-tech – 2010]

Please Send Someone to Love Me [ Bangkok Traffic Love Story – 2009]

Ya ya ya [Dalja’s Spring – 2007]

I will not like You [In Time With You – 2011]
Huai Nv Hai [Bad Girls – 2012]

More Than Me [A Gentleman’s Dignity – 2012]

Wo Men Dou Sha [Drunken To Love You – 2011]

I would have so much loved to list more than 10 – without restrictions, but let’s leave it at this. The movies and dramas featured are also awesome, so if you haven’t watched them, do find time to do so ^^)

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