T – My Top Dramas [2012]

I just want to rave about the dramas that I watched this year (2012), that were not only interesting, amazing, but also stood out for me. The dramas I’m going to talk about are not new in anyway (I’ve written so many stuffs about them already)…. They are in no particular order, apart from how they flash  through my mind. I was thinking of giving a brief summary about why I like them…… But I’ve changed my mind about, I will just list them instead xDD. You can blame it on my lazy self!!!

A Gentleman’s Dignity – K-Drama [2012]
Okay…… I know I wrote something about just LISTING…… Yeah, but AGD is simply AWESOME. This is a drama everyone (no one is to be excluded) should watch!!!

Reply 1997 – K-Drama [2012]
If you attended high school or not, had close friends, have childhood friends, have a first love, never had one or probably you are still working it…… Whatever or whichever of the above examples you belong to…. You DEFINITELY have to see this.

Kami no Shizuku – J-Drama [2009]
This has been sitting on my plan to watch list for months….. but I picked it up. I’m so happy I did , apart from KnS having Kamenashi Kazuya in it….. I learnt a lot about wines. My whole perspective has changed, when it comes to wines lol!!!

 Mia Taeng – Lakorn [2011]
This was my first time seeing Choompoo Araya act and she really did a good job. Plus, she wasn’t one of those female Lakorn leads that just sit and cry all day, she stood up for her right and got things done…. Well she could have done better in some parts, but she definitely did well. I really also liked this Lakorn!!!

Drunken To Love You – TW-Drama [2011]

LOL!!! This is one hell of a drama, it has everything in it – HOT romance, action (bits here and there), comedy (a whole lot). It’s really good!!!

Rich Man, Poor Woman – J-drama [2012]
It was really great to see Oguri Shun star in a new drama and it was really interesting and light.

 Sao Chai Hi-tech – Lakorn [2010]
Okay, I first watched this without subs, but sometime this year I buddy watched it with English subs!!!! This is also my first Lakorn ever….. Plus I really loved the Aom and Jui pairing!!! The OSTs were also wonderful…. Don’t even get me started on the supporting cast!!! They all did a GREAT job!!!

Special Affairs Team TEN – K-Drama [2012]
I actually don’t watch Korean detective dramas, I rather watch something western, but after seeing Joo Sang Wook was one of the main lead…. I gave TEN a shot… It was darn good!!!! I can’t wait for the second season to start airing next year. Plus, it only has 10 eps hehehe

In Time With You – TW-drama [2011]
The OSTs used in ITWY are simply beautiful, beautiful songs. I really enjoyed it. It addresses this friend zone issue.

The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry [2010] & Dalja’s Spring [2007]
LOL!!! I couldn’t pick…… They both have the older woman-falls-in-love-with-a-younger-man theme….. There are other plots included in both. I really enjoyed both of them!!!! It’s really hard to pick. I love Kim Bum’s acting in TWWSWTM and Lee Min Ki was also amazing in DS. I also like the lead female casts in both dramas.

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