T – Top Movies [2012]

I was actually thinking of merging dramas and movies, but while compiling the list….. I had a sudden change of mind so…… here we are now. This is in no particular order, plus, these are movies I watched  THIS year…. they were not all were released this year.

Bangkok Traffic Love Story – Thai-Movie [2009]
This is such a realistic movie, okay…. well not everything, but it addresses and gives a practical solution (answer) to long distance relationships.


Hello Stranger – Thai-Movie [2010]
This movie has a UNIQUE ending, which….. well…. is quite realistic. There are some things or some people we see or meet when you are abroad (out of the country) or when we leave our comfort zone….. and when we return back to our normal selves…. We can’t do anything about it, apart from cherishing them as memories.

As One – K-Movie [2012]

I cried buckets while watching this. This an AWESOME movie….. I really pray South Korea and North Korea will be united soon.


Sunny – K-Movie [2011]

I was still re-watching Sunny with my sister 2 days a go…. and I teared up big time. I wish there are other adjectives I can use in describing this amazing movie, apart from AMAZING, INCREDIBLE and AWESOME. lol!!!


Mujhse Dosti Karoge – Bollywood [2002]
I’ve watched this movie without subtitles many times, but I was able to watch it with good subtitles – the subtitles were neither off, nor was there Engrish lol… I enjoyed it. I also loved the medley.


Howling – K-Movie [2011]

I rarely cry when animals die in movies or TV shows….. I may feel bad, but not cry, but it’s a different case in this movie. My eyes were so puffy after watching this lol.


Duelist – K.Movie [2005]

Apart from this movie featuring the best actors in the Korean movie industry…… I actually got confused while watching this, but after some few minutes of replaying the whole movie in my head. I got the picture Duelist was trying to paint. This is a pretty great movie.

There are actually more movies, but these were the best for me this year.


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