Happy Sunday #17

We are finally in the year 2013!!!! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful new year celebration. I’m supposed to upload a video of the Happy New Year firework that took place where I reside…………… but dumbass me can’t produce one due to my …. (I wish I knew lol). 

I think I was too overwhelmed, I didn’t know I had stopped the filming 5 minutes ago. When I was to check the recorded video on my phone (I made use of my phone; it was particularly cold THAT night!!!!)…. It was only for 2 secs LOL!!!! That wasn’t funny at all… I had to REMOVE my hand gloves to be able to record well….. I have no idea of what happened lol!!!

Either way, HAPPY NEW YEAR again and again!!!!

I’m pretty sure some of you are already making and drawing plans on how to accomplish some set goals for 2013…. I’ve drawn out some of mine. I will put them up soon (soon can be right after this post, in 2 days or even longer :p)….. Don’t mind me, I will put it up pretty soon.

I will be making some changes to the blog, nothing special – probably the layouts, the side buttons, background of course….. 

I would be sooooo happy, if you could follow me through this year, even more than last year – 2012!!!! I’m going to try to post regularly. I also have a whole lot of plans and wonderful stuffs for you all!!! hehehe!!!

Do share with me your goals and aspirations for this year, whatever it maybe – dieting, health-wise, spiritual-wise, educationally; whatever your goal may be centered on…. Just leave it as comments.


I almost forgot this……

Happy new month (^_-)

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