T – Vampire Diaries Vs. Supernatural

I have no idea about what is going on lol!!!

I spent the night at a friend’s place……. As I was contemplating on either watching Love Recipe (a Lakorn – a very good one) or drawing up a good plan for the next 3 weeks. My friend asked me, if I watch Vampire Diaries and I was like ”Nope, I’ve heard about it, but…..”. She then suggested we watched it. She inserted season 2 into the DVD player and I made myself comfortable with a glass of juice on my left hand side and something to munch on was between my friend and I.

To cut the long story short, I actually enjoyed it and I was DYING to strangle Catherine/Petrova, whatever name she goes by and as if that wasn’t enough I had to deal with The Originals…… seriously??!!! I also have a favourite and it’s STEFAN and not Damon….. I initially thought Damon was the younger brother, he’s so frustrating and doesn’t think things through lol!!! But I do like him also. Oh, there’s someone else, he goes by the name Mason Lockwood [Taylor Kinney]. I think he was taking out of the whole season too soon lol!!! I like his eyes hehehe!!!
Mason Lockwood aka Taylor Kinney
I can’t believe they are all in HIGH SCHOOL….. I really can’t believe it, how come I never went to such a high school?? xDD
A little confession, I’m sure you’re wondering where does Supernatural fit into all these and what the title as got to do with the post. Truth be told, the title doesn’t really have anything to do with the post…… 
I’m thinking of watching Supernatural instead of Vampire Diaries. Well, I like love triangles, but that of VD is going to take forever lol!!! I might consider watching VD, but that will be after the show is over xD. 
Stefan, Elena and Damon
As for Supernatural, I only know little  about it, apart from the fact that both male leads are brothers and they possess supernatural powers. That’s all I know, but I’ve had my eyes and mind fixed on it for a long time so……
Nina Dobrev is doing a GOOOD job, especially portraying both Elena and Catherine. I don’t know if anyone knows Amy Amika [Thai actress], both Nina and Amy look alike….. 
Nina Dobrev
Amy Amika Klinprathum

I LIKE both Vampire Diaries and Supernatural and I can’t wait to see how Vampire Diaries end. ^^

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