T – Goals/Challenges

Before I disappeared, I was talking about the stuffs I did like to achieve this year. Below the blog’s posts, on the foot layout; I’ve posted some of my goals – Reading 50 books, watching the James Bond series and Asian dramas/movies challenge. You’re welcome to follow my progress….. That’s my reason of adding them to this blog. There are other goals, such as nailing Korean and Japanese and also perfecting my German. I also want to finish reading the bible in a year, I’ve started that already and it seems to be going fine ^^.
As for the dramas and movies I should be putting up reviews (not everything) and also adding them to the directory. 
As for the languages I will be posting in videos from YT, these videos should include recipes of typical German, Japanese or Korean. Also, simple sentences and all.
I’m also picking up some little Spanish. Talking about speaking Spanish, a flat mate of mine speaks Spanglish [Spanish + English] lol!!! But I’m not taking it seriously
I also need to finish Bleach this year and cut down my-plan-to-watch-anime-list. I’ve actually d/led some animes [Bakuman, Beelzebub, Code Geass 1 and 2…..] and I have some that have been on hold since-God-knows-when.

Between, don’t mind my random gifs xDD

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