Happy Sunday #20

Yellow everyone!!!!
How was your week??? I spent every second of last week to the fullest….. that was what I actually planned on doing, but the fact I was due to start classes tomorrow was looming over my head like a dark cloud. Anyway, I enjoyed every bit of last week.

Image for the week

I guess we’re still sticking with grumpy cat this week xDD

Saying for the week

As I have hinted above, classes are starting again YAY!!!! -_-  So, a lot of wonderful things are about to occur lol!!! I checked in on the Book Challenge I’m taking and I have ”good news” – I’m 5 books behind, isn’t that great?? I have to take it seriously now. Don’t even get me started on the Drama Challenge yet, only 11 has been watched out of 115…. That doesn’t look like progress to me. Well, well, well let’s see how everything goes. The reviews are still going to take a while, they are…..ehm….ehm…what’s the word again?? They are still stewing, whatever that means.

Song for the week
I really didn’t realise this section was missing on the recent HSs…. *facepalm* something is definitely wrong with me lol!!!
This song is the theme song for Rurounin Kenshin live action. It’s been weeks now, but I’m yet to get over it. Yup, it’s that interesting!!!!


Eye candy for the week

*Dare?? That’s Sato Takeru, the lead actor in Rurounin Kenshin. His acting was really good!!!

Have a *DAEBAK week!!!

post signature
Dare – who in Japanese
Daebak – great/super in Korean

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