Happy Sunday #21

Too bad I can’t do that with my eyebrows. 
By the way, 

HAPPY NEW MONTH!!!! This is my month!!!!
Nothing much has really happened, I’m just busy with school, catching up with friends. I went ice-skating with my friends, and it was really gooood!!! I hope everyone had a nice week??

Image for the week

Saying for the week

Ehm….. I really wish I can skip on this part lol!!! My progress on most of ’em challenges seems to be at stagnant at the moment. Don’t ask why please….. Thanks!!! I’ve made progress with Oliver Twist, but I’m quite slow with the dramas. Surprisingly, Bleach is quite steady, which is good for me, since I still have a long way to go. Last week I added some more galleries – Jang Geun Suk and Horikita Maki. I also posted something about languages Basic German Phrases. If you haven’t seen them, do look the up ^^.

Song for the week
I really like this song, hope you enjoy it also!!!!

Eye Candy for the week
I really can’t decide on who to post. 

She’s so pretty and such a wonderful Japanese actress (Keiko Kitagawa)!!!! I need to put up a gallery about her. 

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