Happy Sunday #22

Okay…… the above gif is supposed to be a hello gif, but I don’t think it’s passing that message across. That’s actually a member of Berryz, a Japanese girl group I believe. Anyway, Hello everyone!!! How was your week?? My week was actually less stressful than I thought. I’ve finished another drama (ToGetHer), I had to marathon the last few episodes between yesterday and today. I will talk more about that later…..

Image for the week

*nods head in confirmation* This printer is definitely drunk.

Saying for the week

True, I finished watching ToGetHer less than an hour ago. It’s actually a wonderful drama….. I know I haven’t put up a review of any of the dramas I’ve completed, I’m totally working towards that. During the week, the following posts – Angelina JolieErika TodaKorean Vocabulary 1 and Potato Pancakes made their way to this blog, if you haven’t seen them yet, do look them up. ^_^ . I should also update the directory (A-Zs) this week.

Song for the week
I turned the whole ”insert a video” search upside, but I couldn’t still find this vid. At the end of it all I decided to upload it instead. This song has been stuck in my head for a while. Hope you enjoy it!!!

Eye Candy for the week
Here is the lead actor of the drama (ToGetHer) I just completed. He’s Jiro Wang!!!!!! 

I have no idea what this week has for me, but I’m looking forward it!!!! Have an awesome week people!!!!

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