Happy Sunday #23

Hello everyone!!!! This is the second time I’m posting a hello gif in other languages (It’s not like it’s significant lol). How was your week?? Mine was really good. I was able to do some marathon and also catch up on one of my favourite variety show. I also had a longer weekend, that also helped me organise the weekend better. I also went out with a friend, which was good – we went strolling, ate kebab and even dared to take ice-cream. It was FUN!!!!

Image for the week

I saw this on a page I liked (subscribed to) and I thought I should share it. My favourite colours are red, grey, purple and brown. They somehow summarize my character…..

Saying for the week

As I’ve written above, I had a successful weekend, because I kind of did almost everything on my to-do-list. I marathoned an anime (Samurai Champloo) and a J-drama (Saba Doru). I’m really happy I got around to finishing SC after months of placing it on hold. I’ve started a new Lakorn titled Sapai Glai Peun Tiang. This Lakorn is hella funny and interesting!!! Chakrit and Ken sort of look alike….. I have also finally updated A – Z Drama (All of Gokusen series, Saba Doru, Queen In Hyun’s Man, Sood Sanae Ha, ToGetHer and My Name is Kim Sam Soon), A – Z Movie (Rurounin Kenshin, The Man Inside, Thunderball and You Only Live Twice) and I’ve added The Romantic and the Idol season 2 to Variety shows. For those who thought I had forgotten about the 007 challenge, I haven’t at all. I’ve watched 2 already and I should watch the third one later today. You can check the footer to see which ones I recently watched ^_^. There seems to be a lot today.

Song for the week
This is one of the songs I’ve been listening to non-stop for a while now. I like the rock feel to it and the lyrics are also good!!! Enjoy it!!!!

Eye candy for the week
This guy here is from the TW-drama, I’m watching atm titled Corner With Love. He’s the male lead, presenting to you Show Luo!!!!

Wishing you a WONDERFUL week!!! 
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