Happy Sunday #24

Hello!!!! How has *last week been?? been…….. Nothing much happened in mine. My life was revolving around school, gifs and working on my various challenges.
Image for the Week
This cracked me up lol!!!
Saying for the Week
As I stated above, nothing much happened. I watched something Bollywood (titled, Muhjse Fraandship Karoge) and it was quite entertaining. The story wasn’t great, but the characters are so funny and all. I have been possessed by gifs this past week lol!!! A friend of mine created a Tumblr account and she gifs what we (friends) want. In case you have any request or you want to check out her acc —-> here. Talking about my challenges, I’ve started reading 2 books and a manga – Cool Shade by Theresa Weir, Chasing Fire by Nora Robert and Special A. I plan on marathoning some dramas this week, let’s see how that goes. By the way, Bleach has gotten really interesting and addicting hehehe and there’s xxxHolic also!!! I’ve been craving some more Bollywood stuffs, so there’s a possibility of me watching 2 Bollywood movies this week also.
Song for the Week
I was in church today and I really liked this hymn – Now The Green Blade Rises. I think this is a better version than the ones I’ve listened to on YT. Enjoy!!!
Eye Candy for the Week
I’m watching Hungry atm, a Dorama. Here are the main leads – Osamu Mukai and Takimoto Miori respectively.
Have a HAPPY PALM SUNDAY and an AWESOME Holy Week ahead!!!!

*I made a mistake, but I’ve corrected it already.
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