Happy Sunday #25

HAPPY EASTER everyone!!!! …….. And there’s another news

Yup, you read it right!!! Today is also MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!  

Image For The Week

Saying For The Week

“Words, once it has left your mouth, it cannot be uncalled. It cannot be nullified. People don’t understand how strongly they’re tied down because of it. But they continue to use that lock. Words are something living and sometimes, it can even tie down a person’s life.”

What have I been up to?? …… I’ve been a little overwhelmed recently – challenges, deadlines, school and all. So, I revised my plans again. So…… conclusion…. I will stick with K-dramas for a while, after I’m done watching Hungry (J-drama). Hence, I will be able to working on my genre challenge (The genre challenge is only for K-dramas). 

Now to my b’day. This was how I spent the early hours of my b’day lol!!!

I got a whole lot of messages and I got gifts from my family!!!! I’m very grateful and happy!!!!!

Song For The Week
I watched HOP on Friday and I really liked the theme song

Eye-candy For The Week
I have a new crush….. ehmmm not really a crush…. I’m a fangirl actually. They are so CUTE!!! But Bill has a lot of history with POOP hair. Something has to be done concerning his hair styles, it’s not like Tom doesn’t have his own history, but it’s less worse compared to Bills’. Bill is the one in blonde, while Tom is the on ein black. They are twins and  have a band Tokio Hotel.

Bill Kaulitz
Tom Kaulitz

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