Happy Sunday #26

I miss this show (Friends)!!! Anyway, Joey (Matt LeBlanc) just popped a question LOL!!! 

Good news is at the door, open up quickly!!! These are for the drama fans, and I know most, if not every one of you know these already, but I still feel like sharing it. SEASON 2 for TEN SPECIAL AFFAIRS TEAM will be released on the 14 of APRIL, that’s in 7 days. I’m super excited!!!!! The other is, the pairing of PARK SHIN HYE and LEE MIN HO in a new drama series titled The Heir. Apart from the pairing, the writer is the same person who wrote SECRET GARDEN and A GENTLEMAN’S DIGNITY. I have HIGH EXPECTATIONS for this drama.

Image For The Week

I wonder what the green peppers saw LOL!!!

Saying For The Week

Felt like posting a saying about age.

I’ve been watching some Thai movies these days – First Kiss, A Crazy Little Thing Called Love and SuckSeed; they are all romance, but from different perspective. I also went Bollywood, I watched Dilwale Dulhania le Jayenge – it’s an old movie of Shah Rukh Khan; it’s quite interesting, but Dailymotion was really messing around, while I was watching it. Back to my 007 series challenge, I’ve added 2 more movie – Diamonds are Forever and Live and Let Die. The ratings for all these movies are already here.

Song For The Week
A friend told me about this song. It’s about the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs, it’s really cute and adorable ^_^ Enjoy!!!

Eye-Candy For The Week
The eye-candy for this week is the adorable cute-looking main lead in Suckseed – Jirayu Laongmanee. I’m really beginning to sound like a pedo-noona *tsk tsk* LOL!!! He’s just too cute!!!


Have an ADORBZ week!!! (Adorbs?? – Adorable lol!!!)
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