RS – Taylor Kinney

Name: Taylor Jacks Heisler Kinney
DOB: July 15, 1981 
POB: Lancaster, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Profession: Actor, model

2007 – White Air
2007 – Furnace
2010 – Scorpio Men on Prozac
2011 – A Mann’s World
2011 – Prodigal
2011 – Five
2012 – Least Among Saints
2012 – Stars in Shorts
2012 – Zero Dark Thirty

2006 -Fashion House
2007 -What About Brian
2008 – Bones
2009 – Trauma
2010 – The Vampire Diaries
2011 – CSI: NY
2011 – Rizzoli & Isles
2012 – Dating Rules from My Future Self
2012 – Shameless
2012 – Castle
2012 – Breakout Kings
2012 – Chicago Fire

I think I got to know about him this year (2013), thanks to a friend, who got me to watch Vampire Diaries. He played Mason Lockwood. So, I looked him up….. he sure has done pretty well for himself. If I had seen him in something else, I don’t think I might have liked him, it must have been his character in VD that drew me in *nods* It’s definitely his character as Mason Lockwood and the fact that I liked his eyes in VD.


Still Updating…………

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