Happy Sunday #28

I’m going for something simple, but good!!!! How was your week and weekend?? Mine was filled with many activities. As soon as I finished the exam I had on Friday, my friends and I went on an ice-cream rampage. It felt so good!!!! I went for a pancake party – American and British pancake. Afterwards, I went shopping with friends and later evening/night it was party time. My weekend was relaxing and refreshing, I’m ready for classes again on Monday lol!!!! The American pancakes were coupled with strawberries and maple syrup, while the British pancakes tasted so good with Nutella and bananas.

American pancake
British pancake
I actually had no idea, there was any difference, but now I can tell. I should put up their recipes……. Mhmmm it sounds like a good idea.

Image For The Week

Saying For The Week

As I have already raved about my weekend, I wasn’t able to achieve that much, in terms of my challenge, but things are leveling up gradually.ย 

Eye Candy For The Week
Thai actress – Aff Takaorn Songkran

Song For The Week
An OST from the popular time travel K-drama, Queen In Hyun’s Man!!!!

As always wishing ya’all a fruitful week!!!!
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