Happy Sunday #29

Hello once again!!! I had a lovely week, I must confess. I got to meet a lot of new people and I’m tightening my seat belt for my upcoming exams  -_-. I think my plan to travel this summer will be okay. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed about that. *cross fingers*

Image For The Week

These are CAKES!!! I won’t be able to eat them, because of the ART!!!

Saying For The Week

I have successfully cleared 20 dramas/movies from my list. King of Dramas is really awesome!!! I will be updating the A-Z for both dramas and movies with the following:
Dramas – Hungry 
               King of Dramas
Movies – Liar Game: (Reborn)
              All the 3 parts of Death Note
My book challenge is picking up pace also.

Eye-candy For The Week
This is for all the G.Nis out there!!!!

Song For The Week
This is the English version of Tease Me  (Tease me was sung by Seo In Guk) titled Perfect Fit by Drew Ryan. I don’t know which one got released first, but when I looked up Drew, I got to know he wrote or contributed to Seo In Guk’s song Tease Me. ENJOY!!!

Have a LOVELY week!!!
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