IMW – Gokusen 1

With Shun, Kame and Haruma  in each season, It was enough reason to enough to power through the whole seasons and I’m glad I did, because I saw other favourite actors of mine and I got to know some other good actors.

Now off to the trailers………
Concerning those trailers, I think listening to the OSTs with fan-made videos should equally do the trick 😉 

Season 1
Season 2
Season 3

I didn’t really think I would be able be to watch the whole thing, but I DID!!! The whole series are kind of related and interwoven, because one or more cast from the previous season can be seen in other seasons and special. In the movie most of the cast could be seen again. I FREAKING ❤ the movie, it’s a perfect way to end the Gokusen series.

Gokusen is all about some bunch of delinquent students, there are 3 different set of students for each season. Some of them have different issues with friends, parents, family and even with school. The common notion they all have is, teachers can’t be trusted, when things get bad they run for cover instead and they the students are left alone. Plus, most teachers and schools aren’t interested in the ”losers” but with those that have bright futures and can make the school and the home-room teacher proud. This is where the main cast Yankumi comes in, she let’s them know, there are still people or teachers out there that still care, not only about how they are faring in school in general but will pitch in at any time to save them.


The main cast Yankumi doesn’t look like someone that can take on a bunch of delinquent students, but she proved the viewers wrong by leading and guiding her students in the way she knows best. While she tries to hide her identity as the fourth generation of a Yakuza’s family. 


Although each season is quite similar in terms of story line, but the stories are different and there were different ways in solving all these stories. I think the degree of delinquency also increased with each season and that made things quite difficult for Yankumi also. 

Aside from Yankumi and her students there were other characters that were sometimes supporting and shaped the drama. The nurses and English teachers (which were all females) in each season were friends with Yankumi and they all heard their own skeletons and they are always butting heads when it comes to their crush. They always fall for the same guys LOL!!! 

I really don’t think there are teachers like Yankumi anywhere, but if there are, I’m really wishing them the best and I’m happy for their students. An element of reality in the whole story was Kyoto (vice principal in Japanese, later turned Principal in season Sawatari Goro. He’s really funny and sometimes annoying, he wasn’t really interested in the problems of his students. He wanted them to just be under some kind of guard, so that they don’t soil the name of the school. Which is very realistic!!! 


The series moved me in different ways, because I could relate with some of the issues there – school, friends…… Sometimes I cried and laughed simultaneously lol!!! I was always shedding tears at each graduation. As we all know J-dramas always have a whole lot of life lessons. Aside from all the delinquency factor, this show is hella FUNNY!!! 

The last series was a movie that was released in 2009 and the movie tied the whole series in a neat and wonderful knot!!!

Do give Gokusen a shot!!!! 😉

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