Happy Sunday #34

Hello!!!  I must say this summer holiday has been very fruitful!!!

Image For The Week

Saying For The Week

YAY!!! I seem to be making progress with my drama challenge!!! Ahem……. I can’t say the same for my book challenge though…….

Meanwhile, I’m back to watching Bleach!!! *does the happy dance* I’m so happy I picked it back up. All those fighting, chaos, bankais and soul-slayers are just freaking awesome!!!! BTW, I’m currently watching Vampire Prosecutor and Brothers Conflict which is another anime [it’s more of harem and bishies lol]

Song For The Week
I am trying to listen to some good J-pop and a friend recommended this one to me. It’s really good!!!

Eye-Candy For The Week
I’m in desperate need of an Oguri Shun and Min [Miss A] fix……

Oguri Shun, he was freaking HOT in this drama [Rich Man Poor Woman]
Min [Miss A] – I need her to be more active, every member of Miss A seems to be busy doing one thing or the other, while she’s just there.

Well, I’m not totally satisfied, I wish I could spam this whole place with the both of them, but this should do for now ^_^!!!!

Have a lovely week people!!!!
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