Happy Sunday #38

This is one awkward hello LOL!!! 

Image For The Week

Saying For The Week

I can’t begin to say how much I like Vampire Knight, it’s one of the animes that gave me a warm welcome into the world of anime. But unfortunately I’m rooting for Zero…… I do very much like Kaname – Just for the record.

………… Nothing, this blasted work is taking so much of my time and energy lol!!!

Song For The Week
Last week, I was talking about the songs ruling the charts [in Austria mostly]. Here’s is another song from the chart. I really do LOVE this song!!! I haven’t heard about the musicians before, but then again there are whole lot of unheard musicians out there.

Eye-Candy For The Week
The newly wed – Lee Min Jung and Lee Byung Hun
Ladies first………..

The Wedding

I wish them HAPPINESS and every wonderful thing they will need in their marriage!!!!

Have a awesome week!!!

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