Happy Sunday #42

Taecyeon acting cute!!! *smiles* He’s cute though and those ears LOL!!!


Image For The Week

Decided to go food porn lol!!! This is a Thai dish called Shrimps Red Curry……… *salivates*  I LOVE LOVE Shrimps!!!

Saying For The Week

Still on anime quotes…… This just fits my mood, since I’m watching Bleach atm. BTW, Captain Hitsugaya is freaking awesome!!!

I’m making head way in my Genre and Drama challenge whoooo!!!! BUT school resumes in a week’s time *feeling down* That aside, I’m feeling pretty good!!!

Song For The Week
I re-watched Save The Last Dance with my siblings after 3-4 years LOL!!! This ISN’T the vid I wanted, I wanted the one where she actually danced to the song. Anyway, ENJOY!!!

Eye-Candy For The Week
This week’s eye-candy/vitamin is Channing Tatum!!!!! YAY!!! 

I needed some Channing Tatum!!!! Too bad he’s off limit *sighs* LOL!!!

Have an awesome week people!!!
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