Happy Sunday #1

I’m going to launch this page with this song—

I really ❤ this song, I hope you enjoy it.

I need to ‘fess up now, I’m not really certain on what exactly I’m suppose to post in here. But anyway, you will really find it really interesting.

I’ve really been behind on Variety shows, such as WGM (We Got Married) and RM (Running Man). I was finally able to catch up on the Dimple/TeukSo’s couple on WGM and I’ve began watching the season 4 of WGM, I find the KangYoon’s couple really interesting. Actually, the reason is Julien Kang himself ~drooling~. 

Running Man.
KangYoon couple
TeukSo couple.

Re-fueling —

I’m wishing you all a wonderful and pleasant week!!!! 

Enjoy listening to this song also —

Okay, I know this song is being everywhere and some of you might be sick of it already, but it’s quite catchy, I guess it would be able to lift your spirits anytime you’re down this week :)))

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