Happy Sunday #55


Images For The Week

It’s really amazing!!! [Zurich, Switzerland]
Saying For The Week

YES, bring it on!!! 😀


I was in Switzerland for Christmas with my family, it was really awesome. I met several people and I ATE A LOT hahahaha!!! The Christmas lights and decorations in Zurich was really amazing. My favourite Christmas light is the pic above. I’m sure if I was just a little taller, I would have been able to touch the lights.

I’m still in Dramaland even though I’m supposed to be studying for a final lol!!! I finished watching Easy Fortune Happy Life some days ago and I’m currently watching Empress Ki and Autumn’s concerto aka Taiwanese drama 101. I have no idea why it’s called that……. Empress Ki is really good. I really want to avoid any form of drama-polygamy……. There are so many dramas I want to start.

I’m still yet to catch up with We Got Married, I will be catching up with it in the new year……

BTW, is anyone watching the Gayo Daejuns??

Song For The Week

A song from Andamiro – Hypnotize. ENJOY!!!!

Eye-Candy For The Week

The eye candy for this week is no other than HA JI WON!!!!! She’s an amazing actress and one of my favourite K-actresses

Have a lovely week people!!!

Since this the last Sunday for the year 2013……. I think I should be generous :p

Some of the cast of Easy Fortune Happy Life

Lan Blue as Da Feng
Roy Qiu as Hong Jie
Xiu Jie Kai as Yan Yang
Chen Qiao En as Fu An

Cast of Empress Ki

Ji Chang Wook as Emperor Huizhong
Joo Jin Mo as King Wang Yoo
Ha Ji Won as Empress Ki

Have a lovely week ahead once again!!!! 😉

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