Happy Sunday #58

Seo Ji Seok!!!

Image For The Week

I’m really craving something exotic – some Asian food *dreams of various kind of meat and seafood* *drools*

Saying For The Week


I have finally caught up with Cool Kiz on the Block, YAAAY!!!! The badminton series really put me off …… They really tried so hard during that series, but I guess badminton isn’t for them. BUT darn, the BASKETBALL series is freaking COOOL!!!! Julien Kang, Seo Ji Seok [I had no idea he was married] and Kim Hyeok, those 3 really rock. The others also rock – John Park [He’s really funny!!!], Max Changmin [Max Forward], Hyejeong [As the only female and a model], JYP [the Captain], Jeongjin [No fancy shots, but he was getting all’em 3 points shooting] and Ho Dong [Shepherd lol] of course lol!!!

I need to catch up with WGM [We Got Married], I think I’m 16 eps or so behind, I will also start The Genius and The Return of Superman [KBS variety show].

I think I need to stop now, I’ve been going on and on about variety shows. I’ll continue with Empress Ki [K-drama], somewhere between watching variety shows lol!!!

Song For The Week

Younha has such a beautiful voice, plus her songs are freaking good. This song is from her latest album titled Not There. ENJOY!!!!

Eye-Candy For The Week

As Cool Kiz is the in thing for me atm, I present to you the basketball team and Cho Dalhwan XDD

The original line up – from right; John Park, Lee Sugeun, Kang Ho Dong, JYP and Max Changmin

As the caption already reads – 5 stars. From left to right; Lee Jeong Jin, Kim Hyeok [ACE, he’s so awesome], Julien Kang [The ruler under the basket, doesn’t miss a shot – I exaggerated a bit there lol!!], Seo Ji Seok [ACE, he just too good also] and JYP [Lover of basketball]
In action

Top left – Julien Kang, top right – JYP, below right – Kim Hyeok
John Park [below right] and Kim Hyeok [middle right]
The female and model in da house – Lee Hye Jeong!!!
Max Changmin and John Park LOL!!! I really wanted a bigger size of this……
Seo Ji Seok again!!!! XDD

Okay, I gats to stop……. okay, final one and Cho Dalhwan for the finishing.

And of course uri head coach Choi Inseon can’t be left out. He’s really amazing and has a good sense of judgement, plus he also helped to build teamwork.
He’s so good with sports, but badminton didn’t work out well for him, I wish he pays Cool Kiz a visit again!!! Cho Dalhwan!!!!!

I’m tempted to make a gallery for Cool Kiz lol!!!

Have an awesome week!!!

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