Happy Sunday #59


Image For The Week

Doesn’t this make one drooooooool??

Saying For The Week



Operation catch up with WGM is going pretty well, I just have 5 episodes left. I’m going to see to Human Condition after that. 7 animes are also down *feeling happy* I’m doing pretty well this year. Okay, the only issue is drama watching, I have started 3 dramas are they are all on hold, I think it’s because of the variety shows??!! Or not…..

I still need to finish Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe. I’ve been bookmarking some sites that should enhance my language journey this year.

I’m only having one exam this week, and the next and last one will be in the second week of Feb, which gives me enough time to set things straight here.


Song For The Week

Something from Kimberly Chen’s latest album. ENJOY!!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

There seems to be a deficiency of Chinese/HK actors and actresses on this blog, so to compensate for this. Here you go – Huang Xiao Ming and Fan Bingbing!!!!!

Huang Xiao Ming
Still Huang Xiao Ming….. He somehow looks like Gao Godfrey here LOL!!!
Fan Bingbing!!!!
She’s so beautiful and goddess-like.

Have a lovely week!!!!


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