Happy Sunday #62

The last anime I watched – Black Lagoon.

Image For The Week

Happy belated Valentine’s day :p lol!!!

Saying For The Week

I totes agree!!!


Dramaland – I started Raeng Ngao 3 days, on ep 16. I plan to marathon the few episodes remaining today. To be sincere, I have no idea what the writers were thinking when they were writing the script for this drama. The plot is centered on revenge, that I quite understand. What I don’t understand is the extremity of the whole show, plus there’s way too many side plots….. That aside, Empress Ki is AWESOME!!! I caught up, can’t wait for ep 30. I bet it’s going to be a good follow up for all the stuffs that happened in ep 29.  No updates on animes and variety shows…. Yeah I know, I’ve been neglecting them…. I want to watch as much drama I can, before the semester break ends.

Song For The Week

This song is welcome song for a friend of mine into Dramaland and Kpop.  Kim Hyun Joong feat. Jay Park – Unbreakable

Eye candy For The Week

I don’t think I need to write the name of this person, he’s busy with his new drama – Inspiring Generation.
Kim Hyun Joong!!!! I can hear some ovaries exploding XDD
Have an awesome week!!!

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