Happy Sunday #63

Image For The Week

World Seashell Museum Jeju.

Saying For The Week

Very true…….. It’s just a thin line separating them.


Dramaland as sure treated me well in the last 2 weeks, it’s such a drag I have to resume back to school -_-  ANYWAY, I’ve successfully completed 8 dramas. The latest ones are Bu Bu Jing Xin and Lee Jun Kai [One of my favourite on screen couple]. I’m currently watching Mop Girl, it’s so different from the dramas I’ve been marathoning. Very hilarious and refreshing…… OMG!!!! Ep 31 of Empress Ki is DAEBAAAAK!!!! Pure AWESOMENESS!!!!  For more updates, you can check out my CHECK LIST on the side bar. 

I haven’t been watching variety shows in a while, it’s time to get back to them. KBS seems to be pulling a fast one, I just need them to clearly say if they’ve cancelled Mamma Mia or not. It’s really annoying, not a single update for more than a month now.

Song For The Week

All the OSTs for Bu Bu Jing Xin [Startling by Each Step] are BEAUTIFUL!!!! Here’s the opening theme [Yi Nian Zhi Zhu] sung by Hu Ge & Alan

Eye-Candy For The Week

Still on BBJX. Have a peek of the princes!!! ^_^

Kevin Cheng as 8th Prince
Lin Geng Xin as 14th Prince
Yuan Hong as 13th Prince – This prince is MINE XDD
Nicky Wu as 4th Prince – He really got on my nerves!!!
Ye Zu Xin as 10th Prince – so funny and cute!!!

Have a lovely and peaceful week!!!

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